External Publicity Wing,
Information and Broadcasting Division,
Ministry of Information,Broadcasting, National History & Literary Heritage,
Benevolent Fund Building,Block (B-II) Sector G-7/1, Islamabad






S.No. Designation Name Portfolio/Desk/Section Phone+92-51 E-mail Addresses
1 Director General Mr. Zahoor Ahmad Barlas Over All Incharge 9252163
Fax: 9252366
dgepwingmoib@epw.gov.pk, dgepwingmoib@gmail.com
2 Director Ms. Tahera Saeeda West Asia,Middle East,South Asia,SAARC, Africa, MOUs/Agreements,Daily Press Summary 9252251 directorsouthasia@epw.gov.pk
3 Director Sayyed Mubashar Tauqir Shah Americas, UN, Europe, Projection, Visa Policy, Landing Rights/Satellite 9252240 directoreurope@epw.gov.pk
4 Director Ms.Ambreen Jan Administration,Budget and ISA;China,Far East,SCO & Central Asian Republics,Coordination 9252166 directorfareast@epw.gov.pk
5 Deputy Director Mr.Mazhar Hussain Americas / Europe,UN 9252269 dd-americas@epw.gov.pk
6 Deputy Director Mr. Muhammad Irfan Administration,Transport 9252314 dd-unitednations@epw.gov.pk
7 Deputy Director Ms. Shagufta Ansari (Attending MCMC) 9252393 dd-mou@epw.gov.pk
8 Deputy Director Ms. Javaria Gondal Audit & Court 9252234 dd-projection@epw.gov.pk
9 Deputy Director Ms. Sumaira Anwer Report/Daily Press Summary 9252163 ad-report@epw.gov.pk
10 Deputy Director Vacant - - -
11 Assistant Director Ms. Narita Farhan Africa 9252232 ad-africa@epw.gov.pk
12 Assistant Director Mr. Muhammad Asif Administration 9252185
13 Assistant Director Ms. Uzma Arjmand South Asia and SAARC 9252191 ad-southasia@epw.gov.pk
14 Assistant Director Mr. Ehsan Ullah Shehzad West Asia & Middle East (WA & ME) 9252115 ad-wa.me@epw.gov.pk
15 Assistant Director Ms. Farina Mughal Europe II (Germany, Belgium, Russia, Italy, Spain etc.). 9252330 dd-europ@epw.gov.pk
16 Assistant Director Mr. Muhammad Rafique Report/Daily Press Summary 9252114 ad-projection@epw.gov.pk
17 Assistant Director Ms. Asia Imran Projection & Publicity 9252298 ad-protocol@epw.gov.pk,ad-projection@epw.gov.pk
18 Assistant Director Mr. Akhtar Nawaz Central Asian Republics (CARs) & SCO 9252115 ad-cars@epw.gov.pk
19 Assistant Director Mr. Nohman Ali Far East (FE) & China 9252343 ad-fareast@epw.gov.pk
20 Assistant Director Mr.Muhammad Firdous ISA(Information Sections Abroad),Budget 9252263 isa@epw.gov.pk