• The National Anthem of Pakistan was approved by the Government of Pakistan in August, 1954
  • The words of National Anthem touch upon the various faces of National life, with an invocation for the integrity of Pakistan
  • The verses of the anthem have been composed by the renowned poet of Pakistan, Abul Asar Hafeez Jullundhri, while the tune has been composed by Ahmad G. Chagla. A well-known musician and composer
  • The melody selected is entirely eastern, and is based on our own melody types. The first portion consists of passages based on “Tilak kamod”, “Bilawal”, and “kohiari”. The second portion is entirely in “Pelu” except the second line which is based on “Dhanasiri”
  • The duration of the tune of the National Anthem is of only one minute and 20 seconds and is written in what in western music is called the Ternary form
  • The Anthem is a unique Poetical composition, as in spite of its brevity it is a lyrical exultation for the quintessence of Pakistan, its Islamic foundation, Ideology, Ethos, aspirations and its intrinsic strength

Joy to the sacred land
Joy to the realm of beauty
O’ land of Pakistan
You symbol of high resolve
You citadel of faith
May you endure for ever

The strength of the sacred land
Is the people’s solidarity
Therein does lie its power
There by the nation, state and country
Live in glory everlasting
Joy to this answer to our prayers

The crescent and the star adorn our flag
Leading us to progress and excellence
Symbolising our past
Ennobling our present
Illumining our future
Under God Almighty’s shadow

Pakistan National Anthem

Pakistan Qaumi Tarana